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55th Reunion?

Saturday, October 1.

There has been queries about whether the Class of 61 will be having a 55th reunion. No one seems interested planning a full blown event as we have done in the past, but some discussions have suggested doing something simple. One idea is to pick a nice Embassy Suites hotel, or the like, near OC or Long Beach airport, and basically just having an open cocktail party on Saturday evening. No cost, other than your drinks and hotel room if staying.

Saturday, October 1st has been mentioned as a potential date, since the summer tourism will be over and the hotels should be very available on the weekend.

Also, for those who would like to extend the reunion, there is a four day cruise out of LA on Monday that could make the trip additiionally worthwhile.

If either or both of these options sound like fun, please send an email to with your current email address and phone number.

If there is enough positive feedback, further plans will be made.

The party is on!

Coach Willis and his wife have confirmed their attendance, so all of you get busy making plans and spreading the word. The event is October 1st at the Long Beach Airport Marriot. The hotel has reserved tables for us in their lounge from 6 PM until midnight. Meals and drinks are your choice and paid individually, attendance is free. Several folks have already responded that they will be checking in on Friday, so there will be some extended partying.

If you have any questions, please email me at the above address, or call me at 281-382-3608. Spread the word and lets have a fun weekend.


The following link can be accessed on-line for reservations.

  • Right click on the link below and choose (left click) "open link in new window"
Book your group rate for MAYFAIR HIGH SCHOOL C/O '55 REUNION

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:
Long Beach Marriott for 149.00 USD per night

Who is Attending?

We probably will not try to keep this up-to-date, but this is a good snapshot to let you know what is going on as of 18 September. The following is a list of responses to our mailing and from people who have contacted me through this site. If your response is not recorded here or if you have yet to respond, DON'T PANIC! We're not going to bar the door if you're not on the list.


Albers, Gary no
Anderson, Mary no
Ayers, Laura maybe
Baloga, Louise no
Bank, Joann (Warner) yes
Beatty, Jon yes
Berlin, Lois maybe
Blakeborough, Bill no
Bledsoe, Sally maybe
Blevens, Larry yes
Borisy, Jerry (+1) yes
Bousman, Mike no
Braden, Marsha no
Brakensiek, Patricia yes
Burney, Phil yes
Butler, Mary yes
Byrd, Katherine no
Calhoon, Fred no
Calkins, Gary (+1) yes
Calkins, Mervin yes
Cammer, Bonnie no
Carole Scanlon yes
Caruthers, Marna no
Castile, Edward no
Castro, Daphne yes
Chambers, Howard no
Cifer, Cary maybe
Christensen, Janice maybe
Cooper, Donna no
Corrick, Jackie no
Cox Mike maybe
Cox, Susan no
Crockett, Bob maybe
Crowe, Judie (+1) yes
Crump, Irving no
Curtis, Dennis no
Dagampat, Palette yes
Dahlen, Bernie maybe
Daniel, Janet (+1) yes
Davidson, Carole yes
Davis, Lee no
DeGideo,. Sharon yes
Devine, John maybe
Dickey, Fred maybe
Dingwell, Sherry yes
Douglas, Jerry no
Dudgeon, Jan maybe
Falske, Darrel (+1) yes
Fields, Joe no
Fuller, Jimmy no
Gakle, Cheri (Cheryl) no
Gannaway, Jo maybe
Gantman, Larry yes
Garness, Brandice yes
Garness, Millard yes
George, Bill (+1) yes
Gettys, Linda maybe
Green, Kay no
Greene, Susan maybe
Haas, Susan yes
Haberman, Ruth maybe
Harkema, Joe yes
Harlan, William maybe
Harski, Tommy (George) no
Holman, Susan no
Humphrey, Michael no
Jackson, Don no
Johnson, Gary yes
Johnson, Pat no
Johnston, Gail no
Jones, Dee yes
Kite, Suzanne maybe
Kollen, Rich maybe
Lanz, Steve no
Larsen, Steve yes
Ledesma, Regina no
lewis, sandra no
Lona, Fred (+1) yes
Mahlendorf, Judith no
Marchetti, Connie no
marcoe, ronald no
Martin, Bill no
McClure, Cathy no
McDonald, Cheryl no
McGowan, Pat no
McKettrick, Diane no
Miles, Barbara no
Miller, Jim (+1) yes
Minner, Jerry maybe
montgomery, jerry (+1) yes
Moore, Barron maybe
Murcray, Rod no
Neal, Lavonne maybe
Nelson, John maybe
Norton, Carol no
OGG, ANNE maybe
O'Neal, John yes
Owens, Sheri maybe
Patterson, Cher maybe
Plank, William maybe
Pope, Sandra maybe
Py, Larry +1 yes
Rabinek, Tom maybe
Rhodes, Iris (jeanie) maybe
richmond, virginia no
Roberts, Phil maybe
Robinson, Charlotte maybe
Robinson, Mike yes
Robinson, Skip yes
Roth, Ken maybe
Santavicca, Tony yes
Schrufer, Janine maybe
Selby, Gary no
Sena, David maybe
seyler, ed yes
Simons, Sonja no
Singletary, Sheri no
Skinner, Laverne Warner yes
Smith, Gary maybe
Smith, Marina no
Snyder, Robert yes
Spurlock, Sherry Dingwell yes
Steenbergen, Dennis no
Storrs, Pattie maybe
Storrs, Paula no
Swaim, Michael no
Sweeney, Frank no
Thibodeaux, Corky no
Thibodeaux, Skip yes
Thompson, Andy no
Thompson, Samma yes
Thomson, Kathryn no
Thorpe, Terry no
Tinder, Lee no
Towles, Cheryl no
Townsend, Pamla no
Travato, Pete maybe
Turner, Ronald (+1) yes
Umbarger, Shirley maybe
van Aalsburg, Mary no
van Epps, Marsha no
Vansteenwyk, Linda yes
Versluis, Anna maybe
Webb, Bonnie maybe
Webb, Kathy yes
Weber, Diana yes
Weidner, Larry (+2) yes
Whitesides, Page yes
Wickwire, Chic (+1) yes
Willis, Howard (+1) yes
Wilson, Joe no
Wilson, Lowell yes
Wirshing, Glen no
Witt, Barry no
Woolum, Joe no
Woolum, Leona no
Wright, Kaye (Kayse) no

Class of '62 50th Reunion photos added: 29 Oct 2012.

For those who may have stumbled on this site and don't know who we are...
Mayfair High School is located in Lakewood, CA. The class of '61 was the first sophomore, junior, and senior class. Mayfair was organized in 1958 in afternoon sessions at Bellflower High and moved to the new campus at opening of the 1959 school year. Principal Richard Oswald and a 40-teacher faculty taught the student body of 866. The graduating class of '61 consisted of 232 students.

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