Mayfair 1961

40th Reunion
Thanks for the memories

Hi Everyone,
I just returned from my class reunion! Mayfair High School, class of 66 (our 40th)! It was held at a lovely hotel in Long Beach near the Queen Mary on the water.
Tere, Doreen and I shared a room and spent Saturday night. It was a blast! We had so much fun and the reunion turned out great. It was for the combined classes of 65', 66' & 67', about 200 people attended, BUT the highlight of the event was, hold on to your hats.........
The classmate that organized the whole thing, announced that we all needed to leave the room and go outside to the tennis court for a surprise. As the gates opened we were royally greeted and cheered by 110 members of the (current) Mayfair High School marching band and color guards. They entertained us with several numbers, led us in a football cheer, and played our school alma mater as we sang along. The band director was very fun and the kids were fabulous.
Those that were there all talked about having a big 60th birthday party in two years and seeing if we could contact more of our classmates. Doesn't that sound fun?
Tere, Doreen and I felt like we were 16 again, slumber party and all. A weekend like this just needs to shared, so thanks for listening!
Much love,
Jeanne (Ham) Russo

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